Michelle Rohlf speaker and author | Estrangement | Codependency | Recovery

My desire is to encourage women to be relationally fearless by loving others even when it’s difficult, and to find their value in our Lord, Jesus Christ. Through my many life experiences I hope to inspire others to love wholly, listen always and forgive quickly. 

I am a Certified Lay Counselor who speaks in many venues, including women’s seminars, Bible studies and retreats. I also lead recovery groups and have led women’s groups in prisons through Prison Fellowship. I have a heart for women and enjoy pointing them to what God says about them, claiming their identity in Him, the Lover of their Souls.  

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Speaking Topics


I will share my story of estrangement from my daughter and my own self-discovery as I weathered that storm, about how I got through the pain of the loss of my daughter and my grandson, and how I turned to Jesus to get me through. I will share my experience in Celebrate Recovery, a Christian recovery group, and what I learned about codependency and how codependency affected all of my relationships, including my relationship with myself. This is a deeply personal testimony of loss, grief, abandonment, forgiveness, grace and identity.

This can be used as a keynote talk, in a seminar, at a recovery meeting or in a retreat with multiple sessions. 

The Abiding Life

Jesus tells us to abide in Him and He will abide in us. He also says when we abide in Him, we will bear much fruit. Well, if that’s true, why am I so tired? Bearing fruit is hard! It is, when we’re doing it in our own strength. In this series, I share about my own personal discovery of the abiding life and how it carried me through some very dark and challenging times. I will let you in on the one secret of successfully living the abiding life…believe it or not, it’s rest!

This talk can be used at a retreat, with multiple sessions or it can be shortened up to be used in a seminar or as a keynote talk.


Why are friendships with other women so complicated? Why is it hard to make friends as an adult? Why won’t anyone go have coffee with me? In this talk, I will share what God says about friendships and how we were created to have friends and be in community.  I will list the attributes of a good friend, how to reach out to other women, and how to make yourself friendly. I will also talk about the friendship killers like jealousy, comparison and judgement.

This talk is perfect for a women’s event or seminar or it can be made into multiple sessions for a retreat.


Who am I? What’s my purpose? Where do I belong? If these questions have crossed your mind, know you are not alone. People have been pondering these things since the beginning of time. So, what does God say? He created us, so He must have something to say about who we are and where we fit. This talk is all about our identity in Christ and what God says about us. We will delve into the Word of God to find all the beautiful things our Creator says about us and we will learn how to integrate those truths into our identity to make a more complete, confident and productive human being, the women God made us to be.

This talk is great for a seminar, a keynote talk, or a weekend retreat with multiple sessions.

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